Holocene Advisors, LP (“Holocene”)
is an investment management firm
pursuing sector-diversified long/short
and long-only equity strategies


Holocene focuses on alpha generation through deep, fundamental research conducted by sector-focused investment teams, coupled with disciplined portfolio construction. Holocene believes risk management is an integral part of portfolio construction.

About Our Name

The Holocene Epoch began at the conclusion of the last Ice Age, about 11,500 years ago. That seems long ago, but it’s really just a tiny fraction of the Earth’s history. In fact, it’s just the last second of time if the Earth’s history fit within a twenty-four hour time period. It’s humbling when considering our small place in the Earth’s vast history. And yet, the Holocene Epoch contains the advent of the modern human species, its entire recorded history, the rise and fall of empires, and all of humankind’s triumphs and tragedies. Risk-taking, innovation, and constant iteration have taken our species to great heights. At Holocene, we endeavor to make thoughtful risk-taking, continuous innovation, iteration, and humility cornerstones of our investment process.

Careers at Holocene

Holocene has a collaborative, idea-driven culture that is based on integrity and intellectual honesty. The team culture encourages creative thinking and the identification of actionable insights. These are the main drivers of a high performing culture that also fosters professional growth, development and loyalty.

We strive to hire, challenge, develop, and retain top-tier investment and operational talent.

If you are interested in a career at Holocene, please complete the below information as we actively recruit talent throughout the year.

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Holocene is located on the north side of Madison Square Park in Manhattan.

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